It’s not about fish.

Reading coverage of the last week of Brexit negotiations one would be forgiven thinking that the EU was jeopardising Europe and Britain’s economies by holding out against unfortunate British patriots who just want to fish in their own waters.

Fish Fights are a distraction.

Fishing makes up just 1% of the British economy and less than that for most of the EU. Some countries — like Czechia & Austria — don’t even have coast lines. Why would they risk so much just to for the French to catch more mackerel?

A Herring, in red.

Mutual Recognition of Standards

This sounds dull but bear with me.

This would fall foul of EU child labour regulations

If the EU insists that cars must be made from strong materials, are 50% fuel efficient and must pass 20 safety checks. Then the UK must do the same to sell cars to the EU.

The UK can have stricter requirements, but not lower. This is what other countries that sell cars to the EU do — like Japan and the US.

The Tory Trade Trust Fall

The Internal Markets Bill

The Internal Markets Bill may have been a ploy but threatening to break an international treaty while negotiating a second treaty with the same group is a public declaration of bad faith. The Conservatives agreed the Withdrawal Agreement late last year, they ran an election on it, he passed it into law, then they claimed not to have read it.

British Brexit Negotiation Tactics (James Mellor on Twitter)

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