2020 has put everyone into difficult scenarios that they could never have expected. With that in mind, I’ve decided to share my own story from 2017. I’m not doing this because I think it’s relevant or to impart some world wisdom, I don’t really know what I learnt from it…

On Thursday, voters in Scotland, Wales and London will vote in elections for their devolved legislatures. Londoners will re-elect Sadiq Khan as Mayor.

All of these elections were supposed to have happened in May 2020 but, y’know, Covid.

The election in Scotland could determine the future of the United Kingdom.

Northern Ireland witnessed its most violent rioting in years this week but instead of focusing on the problems most of the UK media invented a narrative that suited their own agenda, and had little to do with events on the ground.

As a young person prepares to throw a petrol bomb over the interface, the words ‘there was never a good war or a bad peace’ stand out in bold

Seven days of rioting on the streets of Belfast…

The Conservative government will today vote to ban any protest that:

  1. Causes serious disruption to anyone in the vicinity.
  2. Is loud enough to disrupt anyone in the vicinity.
  3. Has the potential to cause either 1 or 2.

The definitions of ‘serious’ and ‘vicinity’ are at the discretion of the police, as is the level of permitted volume.

The author participating in an event causing ‘serious disruption’

Why now?

It was drawn up…

Back in the days of being able to travel I went to the world’s most famous disaster zone, here’s what happened.

The ferris wheel, best not to touch it.

Welcome to the second installment of my self-published stories of dangerous experiences.

Part 1 involves less radiation and more guns.


I was bored one evening so amused myself in the usual pre-pandemic fashion — clicking onto Google Flights ‘anywhere’ option to look for cheap flights to new places. …

Northern Ireland’s Education Minister has confirmed that primary school transfer tests (AQE Tests) will go ahead next week. This is a poor decision.

There will be three papers respectively on the 9th, 16th and 23rd of January. Students need to sit two papers but if they take all three, their best two scores will count. …

Reading coverage of the last week of Brexit negotiations one would be forgiven thinking that the EU was jeopardising Europe and Britain’s economies by holding out against unfortunate British patriots who just want to fish in their own waters.

Fish Fights are a distraction.

Fishing makes up just 1% of the British economy and less than that for most of the EU. Some countries — like Czechia & Austria — don’t even have coast lines. Why would they risk so much just to for the French to catch more mackerel?

The short answer is…

Trump lost and Republicans are putting democracy at risk to humour an impeached President who lost the popular vote twice.

It’s been 12 days since the US election. It’s been at least 9 since it was clear that Biden won. 9 days from the last election Trump and Pence had started their transition and had met with Obama and Biden to organise a peaceful hand over of power.

This time…

The US Presidential Election is dominating the headlines, not least because one of the protagonists is Donald Trump. Covid-19, including Trump’s own scare, and arguments around voting by mail make Nov. 3rd a very unusual election.

Biden is well ahead in the polls but, as well know, they aren’t infallible.

The UK just has to make a decision, and stick to it.

There are three Brexit outcomes, the UK must pick one and negotiate the details afterwards. Each has repercussions. No one else can make this decision.

They are:

Option 1. Stay in the EU’s Customs Union.

Option 2. A sea border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Option 3. A border…

Eoghan Kelly

Elections geek and opinionated rambler.

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